I’m outa here


So i’ve started a new blog, over at http://spencerpayton.tumblr.com basically it’s much easier to use than wordpress, and allows for 100% customization through html so I can make it look how I want. From now on i’ll be blogging over there, not everyday but when I can I will.



Note to self


I really must update this more often.

I’ve got a shit load of film to develop and a few hundred digital files to sort through too.

The weather’s been so nice recently and I just couldn’t hide myself away in the darkroom. But this week i’m going to force myself in there for a few hours and catch up.

18 18 18


Last week was my birthday, 18th to be precise, heres to legally drinking!

Spend the night in Mercy, absolute killer. Didn’t really take many pictures myself, these are from Aaron or the Mercy photographers,

Everyone having a grab of the birthday boy 😉

Everyone whose living in the UK reading this (my end anyway), how bloody good is the weather at the moment!

Nothing like sitting in the sun having a beer, going through photo’s that you have absolutely no recognition of being in/taking.

Cheers for reading,

S! x

Lethal Enforcer


Last few weeks have been the same as usual really, drinking large amounts, partying and coching with friends. Last saturday was a big drinking session with a few friends from college. Started at mine before heading down to the local pub, that was as far as we made it.

Got a whole film from that night as well, which I will try and get done over the next week or so, once I find time, busy week this week, what with birthday (hell yeah!) and what not.

Quite ironic writing a photo blog, whilst watching one hour photo. God this film is freaky, on a whole new level, hate to think what some people must think when they see me with a camera in my hands.

Must dash, eating pizza and trying to get college work done with Aaron.

peace x

Where the hell


Have you been?

Answers are below in pictures,

Lots of partying.




Anyway, since this is my first blog post in absolutely ages, just thought i’d change things a little, rather than just post the ‘good’ photos on here, i’m going to post most of the pictures I take, whether they be drunk moments or just daily things. Thought i’d change this because all pictures are memories, rather than have just the picture some words with it would be nice as well, so there you go, thats my plan set. Also means I can write this much more, rather than waiting for me to develop film etc.

Hope all are well!



So Friday before last it was one of my best friends birthdays, naturally we got stupidly drunk.

Flossy (name due to the epic hair) making some calls.

Birthday boy and his lady, gone at this point I imagine.


Birthday drinks x1000

Thats it from the party, wish i’d taken more though guess I was more intrested in drinking. Anyway, got a shed load of film to develop/get developed.



p.s. I need a holiday



This week i’ve been shooting with an old manual tamrom 28-70 3.5 lens on my D70. No metering here so I had to do it all myself, quite enjoyed it too, something different since all my cameras (except the diacord) have metering.

I don’t have any idea why he was reading the dictionary

I’ve decided that for processing digital I much prefer lightroom. This was converted in ps and for some reason I can’t produce the same tones as the conversions in lightroom :(.

That night I went to dog training,

This dog weighed 16 stone, honest.

I would have loved to have taken more pictures that night, but I didn’t want to put people off who were trying to train their dogs.

I really like the field of view which I get from a 28mm on a digital crop, this is making me think of getting the 28mm 1.8 or maybe even the 24 1.8.

Hopefully there will be some film in the next few days, i’ve got one roll of tri-x to develop and a roll of fuji pro 400h.