Seems to be now that when i’m not photographing/at college i’m drinking. This leads to stupid situations very much like the one above, I have no memory of.

This weekend was quite a quiet one, just met up with Kerry an old friend of mine, we go way back and just had lots of stuff to catch up on.

Shes the one the end, hi kez!

It’s good fun to take the digi cam out on the drink with you, since I often can’t be assed to focus and correct for film, unless it’s in the XA2 or X-300, I can take pictures and not actually lose myself from the atmosphere which is hard learning when to take pictures and when to hang it up and join in with the onslaught.

Film comming soon.





We’re not really that far into ’08 yet so I thought that it would be the right time to start a new photographic project, just something to keep me on my toes and a sure way that I will be producing work on a regular basis. Stpiduko wrote a few weeks back about a project which he has started inspired from “The Ongoing Moment” which involves taking pictures of 10 subjects varying from a park bench to a blind person. Reading this I then came up with the idea of going through the alphabet, 26 letters and comming up with a subject beginning with each of the letters, I believe that it can be done, or at least I will give it a go, maybe not in order though.

In the next day or so I will list the subjects I have came up with,


New blog Spencer?

“Yeah my website payments ran out as I changed cards, and I couldn’t be assed to re-new them”

Anyway pictures from the christmas period, digital and film.

First off, dogs in the garden.

Then onto christmas, you know that day of the year when you do nothing but sit around drinking and eating more than your own weight in food.

How the hell mince pies became so damn popular I don’t know.

A nice little christmas self there.

Dad there, taking some pictures of the fish. Got them on my current roll somewhere too.

Check, delete, re shoot. You know the way.

The family, laughing over some group pictures which my grandad took of us all.

More on why the blog has now been started here. My old website which I paid for was feeling like a stale collection of images so I thought rather than have a gallery I would just blog off my domain. Which I then realized I had 10gb of web space which I wasn’t even using because all of my pictures where being hosted through flickr anyway. Keeping up? So I decided to blog from a free .wordpress account and then just (once it runs out) point my domain here. For now I will just set up a so it looks half decent.

I’ve got a roll of tri-x which I will get developed later in the week and a roll of 400h in at the moment almost done.

Thanks to anyone who read this,

night all,